Another Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone. It is always a special holiday weekend for me as I remember some of my own friends who served in the military and paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today.  It was also a special weekend because I booked one of my clients on national television.

Captain Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour served two tours in Iraq with the Marines. She flew Cobra Attack Helicopters and was tasked with taking out enemy targets from the air while keeping our troops on the ground safe.  She is a true American hero and an all-around great person.


Vernice appeared on HLN’s Weekend Express for a very special Memorial Day segment.  Here’s how I booked her:


  1. Made the connection: The media loves to recognize our military heroes, and rightfully so. Being that it was Memorial Day, I knew they would want to emphasize this part of their coverage even more. Tie your message and expertise into what the media is already covering because it’s the best way to generate interest from journalists.


  1. Local connection: While I pitched many national TV shows around the country, I knew I had a better chance with CNN/HLN because Vernice lives in Atlanta, and that’s where CNN is headquartered. Having a guest in the studio vs. over the satellite always takes preference.


  1. Gave the producer flexibility: While I knew the media would be covering Memorial Day, I did not know what their angle would be. In my pitch, I made it clear that Vernice was flexible, and she could speak about different topics from her own story serving in the Marines to honoring those who lost their lives to support veterans.


  1. Provided visuals: I have some great photos of Vernice piloting her helicopter. I offered these to the producer to make the segment more visual so it wasn’t just another “talking heads” segment.


  1. Let them know she is experienced with TV: Since I was pitching at the national level, I made sure to include a few links to some local television that Vernice has done which shows a producer that not only does she have a great story, but she’s also really strong on camera. This is a must when pitching national television. It’s also another reason why local television, no matter how big or small the media market is, is important.


You can see Vernice’s interview at: