Hurricane Irma brought death, destruction and devastation to the Caribbean and Florida. While most other PR firms and publicists headed for higher ground and shelter, we were working closely with the local and national media, making sure one of our clients whose expertise was important to the people in these areas got the media attention he deserved.

With a record number of people fleeing the state of Florida, airports were packed with people looking for a way out as airlines started cancelling flights and were accused of price gouging those few precious remaining seats.

It was a perfect fit for our client, Seth Kaplan, the managing partner of Airline Weekly. We pitched Seth to the national networks, landing appearances on CNBC, Fox News Channel and CNN. A local appearance on CBS in Washington followed as well as an op-ed on price gouging in USA Today.

Tying your expertise into stories the national media is already covering shouldn’t be anything new to an experienced publicist, but so many do-it-yourselfers miss major opportunities because they don’t take advantage of this strategy. It’s the best way to get media coverage because unlike blindly reaching out to a journalist trying to sell him on a story, the story has already been sold and he needs experts to speak to who can explain what’s going on.

Congrats to Seth and Airline Weekly.